BREASTFEEDING TIPS I Learned the HARD Way! Must-Watch for NEW MOMS

if you feel like your cluster feeding
or you feel like that think you are feeling
like you’re feeding all the time that
was a lot of EPs.
this is sodium by hey guys welcome back
to my channel so this is another video
on breastfeeding, I just finished filming
like breastfeeding our story and that
the video should be up on my channel already
it’s kind of maybe a more boring video
but I feel like um you should watch it
if you haven’t yet before you watch this
one just because I didn’t have the most
peachy breastfeeding experience so it
wasn’t like that boring of an experience
so there were things in there that I
feel like you can learn from I think so
make sure to check that out if you
haven’t already but if you have and
you’re here for this one this one
shouldn’t be quite as boring and this
one is going to be breastfeeding tips so
yeah hopefully their tips I try to think
of things that will actually help you
guys if you like these videos if you
want to see more videos like these um
let me know down below
it helps me out it really does when you
guys comment and let me know what you
want to know what from me uh what you
want me to film, and it’s very late so
let’s just get right into it
breastfeeding is I said this at the end
of my last video, it is a lot of work all
of these things that I say as a quick
the disclaimer is not meant to scare anyone
away from breastfeeding, it is just me
trying to be realistic because I think
things in life can be good even though
they’re a lot of work even though they
have bad things to them I don’t make
these videos to scare anybody off or to
inflict fear on you guys because
breastfeeding is good
it is good just keep telling yourself
that over and over throughout all my
breastfeeding videos because
breastfeeding is good it’s great for you
it’s great for your baby
um but yeah it’s a lot of work it should
be realistic and to be honest with you
guys sometimes maybe for some people
it’s just a breeze just like so for some
people, labor and delivery, is a breeze
and being pregnant is a breeze, but I am
NOT that person and I feel like a lot of
you might not be that person these
things can help you because it is a
little difficult sometimes it’s a
learning process is something that
takes time and commitment yeah I’ll stop
rambling but just that is my little
disclaimer that breastfeeding is good
I’m not trying to inflict fear in you
guys and that breastfeeding is a lot of
work so hopefully these tips help you
alright number one if you are having bad
issues with breastfeeding stop watching
this video and go and make an
appointment with a lactation consultant
or your doctor
maybe I don’t claim to be an expert in
the area of breastfeeding I’m just
breastfed my one baby for 14 months if
you’re having issues see a lactation
consultant get a second opinion on a
latch just get the help that way but if not
my biggest thing my biggest
breastfeeding tip I think is to join a
la Leche big group on Facebook and
educate yourself with articles like this
with videos don’t overwhelm yourself
don’t just get stressed out by how much
the formation can be out there, but it’s very
good to educate yourself before the baby
comes and if you’re just in the
thick of things now and you just had a
baby, it’s still good to educate yourself
now because maybe you’ll learn something
but I that was the thing that helped
me the most was that I said this in my
the last video so let J as I’ve explained
before are on the very natural side of
doing things even if you’re not on that
side wherever you fall on the spectrum
of parenting and breastfeeding and
schedules and babies like meeting and all
of the topics that come with parenting
wherever you stand on that spectrum it
doesn’t matter it’s a great group to
join and educate yourself on I was just
this person that sat back and read post
after post and saw questions being asked
answers to it and it helped me immensely
before having the baby or my baby it
helps so much so find moms that have
breastfed before I ask him all the
questions because I doubt they care um
once you have a baby and you’re
breastfeeding like everything’s out the
window if you can’t tell by some of my
videos yeah that’s my number one tip is
to join a group a Leche League group on
Facebook they have tons of them out
there I’m on this breastfed just educate
yourself beforehand on some things and
it can really come in handy in the
future so since that was a boring one
let’s go to number two if I can find it
invest in good nursing bras ah it is
worth it if you have the money to do it
there should be no other excuses it’s
very very hard I’m a fairly frugal
person, it’s very very hard to give in
and spend good money on a bra that
you’re gonna wear for maybe 12 months
and then maybe another 12 months with
your next kids you know what I mean it’s
really hard to do that because like it
just feels like it’s not a very good
investment but you you need to so I had
some bras that someone had given me
because they didn’t, they didn’t need
them they hadn’t used some of them here
you go
well they were kind of my size kind of
not kind of uncomfortable kind of
comfortable just go on to my favorite
I think it is Motherhood Maternity find
some comfortable nursing bras because
even though it’s 12 months of your life
you are like immersed in breastfeeding
you’re just in it at first like it’s all
you do so it’s worth it it would have
made a big difference if I had just gone
and done that from the start rather than
like six months into the process and
like hey maybe I should get a nursing a
a good nursing bra so I’m gonna keep
talking about things that we should
invest in a Boppy this is an
an obvious tip I know pillow works too but
the poppies are just lifesavers they’re
great they’re made for breastfeeding so
I don’t know that there’s much more to
talk about on that one Nursing covers in
terms of investing in Nursing cover my
sister-in-law also told me this and it
helped a ton I think I was like trying
to figure out what kind of nursing cover
I wanted before I had that them she said
and it’s true that when you’re first
starting to breastfeed you don’t really
know what you’re doing and you you want
to be able to see things you want to be
able to see how you’re watching them on
it’s just easier to see things and so
when you have at least for me when you
have like the tight scarf ones the
infinity scarf ones are just the tight
ones that can also be car seat covers
it’s harder to see things, so you’re just
kind of like pulling that back and
latching on baby and hold I mean it’s
just like a lot of things going on
there’s some and Target that are like
those like poncho type of ones or us
where it’s almost just like a blanket
and then as this wire here that like
lets you see what you’re doing
personally, that doesn’t work when they
get older and they it really nursing
covers aren’t the greatest things ever
anyway but if you’re gonna invest in
them because babies hate them well
you’re gonna invest in them I suggest
getting both just either don’t get them
at all or you both I guess because at
first, you want to be able to see what
you’re doing but then eventually they
kick everything off, and so you don’t
want to be poncho one because then if
you don’t want to be exposed to your
exposed Oh number five you need breast
pads I feel like somebody’s
are kind of obvious, so I apologize but
you can have disposable ones or you can
have ones that you wash whatever floats
your boat you need them I needed them
before I even had Beckham, you can leak
colostrum before you even have your baby


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