can you get pregnant from precum

Can you get pregnant from precum?

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Getting sexually aroused right after preadolescence is common for every human being. It is a natural process where male party or the female party get attracted to the opposite sex. Once the body starts growing after preadolescence hormonal functions will increase. with will release sperms in the male party and vaginal fluids will be released. Once the male party and the female party are deeply in love and try to attach physically then these secretions occur. There is no pre-defined time when or where they could secrete.  Even if someone is in the right mood then it will lead to sexual arousal.

What is the most active stage of Sex Life?

It is said that the most active stage of sexual activities is observed during the teenage and the adult stage of a human being. Therefore, hormonal secretions will be observed once the sexual arousal occurs in a male party or a female party. Most of the couples’ fear that without having a proper sexual intercourse that it will lead to pregnancy. It is very important to know how pregnancy is occurred once both parties are sexually aroused.  

The question is can you get pregnant from precum?  

Let’s see whether precum will cause pregnancy during sexual intercourse.

What is Precum?

It is a colourless, odorless, viscous liquid secreted from the penis of a male once he is sexually aroused.  This secretion will happen from the Cowper’s gland situated in the passage of the penis of a male. This will be pushed out of the tip of a penis without the knowledge or any sensation. Even though precum does carry a bit of sperms it is said that it is not enough for female party to be pregnant. Precum serves as a support by making favorable conditions for sperms before ejaculation occurs. Then the precum will be on the tip of the penis where it will provide support for the penis to move freely within the vagina.

Can precum cause pregnancy?

Can precum cause pregnancy
Can precum cause pregnancy

There are many methods practiced using sexual intercourse where some parties use the pulling out method before ejaculations.  Even though the penis is pulled out before ejaculation it is hard to say that it will not cause pregnancy.

With various studies conducted previously it is said that precum does carry a certain amount of sperms. It is said the amount carried is not enough to make a female party pregnant but there may be cases where it might occur.

How easily can you get pregnant from precum?

In a recent study conducted it is said that between a percentage of 16% to 45% of the participants had sperms in their precum. The results also showed that the sperm count was very low. As per the study only 4 parties out of 100 participants were pregnant by means of precum entering the female body. It is very hard to determine the percentage of getting pregnant from precum.

can you get pregnant from precum
can you get pregnant from precum

By now it must be very clear that there is a risk of having precum entered might cause pregnancy. Therefore, it is advised if you are not interested in getting pregnant unnecessarily to use safe methods by means of a using condoms. Even though precum carries a certain sperm count it might not have any risk in getting pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from precum while on birth control?

If the female party is on birth control it is very clear that they are 99% safe from getting pregnant. Once there is no physical contact between the vagina and the penis the female party will be safe from pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant from precum when your not ovulating?

Once the ovulation process is prevented by the birth control pills it will completely reduce the risk of getting pregnancy. If the pills were taken on time then there will be no eggs to get fertile. Therefore, even if the sperms enter through the vagina there will be no risk at all for the female party since the eggs are present. If a female party is not sure then they can carry out a pregnancy test to clear out the doubts.

can you get pregnant from precum when your not ovulating
can you get pregnant from precum when your not ovulating

How likely is it to get pregnant from precum while ovulating?

There is a very high risk of a female party getting pregnant while ovulating. Once the precum is entered from the vagina if the eggs are present in the womb then it may cause pregnancy. There is a chance of 60% for a female party to be pregnant if the eggs are present.

Can you get pregnant from precum on the outside?

This is highly an unlikely incident to occur during precum. Since there is very less sperm count, or no sperm count at all in precum there will be no risk at all. Even though that is the case there will be very rare instances where precum on the outside of the vagina will cause pregnancy. If precum touches the outer walls of the vagina there might be a very rare possibility to get pregnant. Furthermore, it is advanced not to let the penis touch the vagina if the male party and the female party are not in to getting pregnant.

How often can precum cause pregnancy?

It is said that once in every 5 times you have sex there is a chance that the female party will get pregnant. However, there is no defined level for precum pregnancy rate based on the statistics because its hard to track. There is no measurement that could be applied to check whether the pregnancy was due to precum or ejaculation. The only way that pregnancy could be measured is the pregnancy test.

how often can precum cause pregnancy
how often can precum cause pregnancy

Should I be worried about getting pregnant from precum?

Well the question is whether you really want to get pregnant or not. If the female party is interested in getting pregnant there is will be no issue at all. However, if the female party is not interested in being pregnant that might cause many problems.

If you accidently get pregnant there are many disadvantages where you will have the option of getting rid of the fetus before it turns in to fully grown up baby. There are many medications that are available in the market which will help you to get out of being pregnant. However, without doctor’s advice it will be really harmful for a female party to consume medication to avoid being pregnant. Since these medicines are designed to destroy the fetus, overdose would cause the patient to lose motherhood forever. It’s strictly advised to meet your family doctor before taking medication.

How to avoid Pregnancy from Precum?

Sex is something that happen with a male party and a female party when the are physically attracted to each other. Once both the parties are sexually aroused there is a possibility to lose control and fall in to deep trouble. If the two parties are not in to getting pregnant they will have to engage in sexual activities in conscious mind. However, in many cases according to research carried out in the recent past has shown that many pregnancies related matter is due to negligence.

The best solution is to use the safety precautions if you and your partner are engaging in sexual activities. This will help you to minimize the risk of getting pregnant and it will help you to improve your sex life as well. If you are having sex with an unknown party the protective measures will come in handy in order to protect yourself. This will minimize the risk of getting STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and it will improve the quality of your life. Within the recent past many STD related cases were heard all around the word and it’s out of control. Therefore, it is always a key factor to make yourself and your partner safe when engaging in sexual activities.

Safety precautions when having sex

It is said that to make use of condoms or oral dams when having sex to improve the safety of the female party and it will also support as protection over different types of infections. Condom is the safest way if you are not in to birth control pills. By means of this way it will not let the precum even to touch the outer walls of the vagina which will safe guard your partner from getting pregnant.

It is also said to use a pair of gloves when inserting fingers in to the vagina to avoid any infection and make sure that precum was not on your hands before entering inside the female party. Since precum carry a certain amount of sperms this will be the ideal solution to avoid pregnancy.

To avoid problems and enjoy the sex life with your partner make sure you use proper safety precautions to live a happy and quality life with your partner.

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