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HONEST NEW MOM TIPS! Adjusting to Life With Baby!

hey guys welcome back to my channel so
since I’ve started filming some of these
like mom lifestyle videos trying to help
like new moms out I’ve gotten a lot of
requests on doing like a new mom advice
video and some tips and tricks for new
moms. I am by no means an expert only
have one baby so I don’t consider myself
an expert in the slightest but over the
past like six or seven months I’ve
written down a lot of things probably
too many things for one video.
but I’m trying go quickly I’ve written
down some things and I think it’s just
really interesting to have like a new
moms perspective on some of these things
hopefully it’s helpful for you guys
there kind of some things that I wish I
would have known before becoming a mom
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and let’s get into this list my first
tip to new moms is to stay home. I think
it’s good to get out and experience and
you have to eventually adjust to having
a baby eventually your first target rate
up your first your first outing like all
that stuff is are very important. but
when you come home from the hospital
stay home stay home for a while don’t
feel guilty that you’re not going out if
people want to visit your baby and visit
you and see you they can come to you. I
don’t know if that smells harsh
I personally wish I wouldn’t kind of
like put my foot down rather than trying
to please other people when I was going
through such a crazy life change and
those people weren’t really very much
and so that I was taking my time and
energy to go and visit them with my baby
and I had no idea what I was doing just
stay home you don’t have to be anything
don’t feel obligated to be anything you
just brought a new life into this world
a tiny helpless little dependent
demanding human they are amazing but
they are very demanding so you need to
focus all your time and energy what
little time and energy you seem to have
you need to devote that to yourself and
your baby and then your family to just
stick up for yourself don’t try to
please anyone else just stay home yeah
just stay home I was going all over the
place and it led to some serious mental
issues it’s just just a my number two
says don’t feel pressured by everyone
else just really be aware of your mental
health and your energy and how how
everything that you’re doing is going to
maybe affect that because I had a lot of
issues with postpartum anxiety and
depression and I’m going to talk about
that in a video tonight so you see
another video with me wearing
that’s why you wear the fact that mom
guilt is real you feel guilty that
you’re staying home and like not showing
your baby to people if they’re if
they’re not coming to you your baby will
have plenty of time to see other people
and, if you don’t want them to come to
you and you just want to like adjust to
life at home and figure out how to
handle this newborn say no visitors for
a little while I know it like seems and
feels selfish at the time but for your
baby’s sake and for your sake it’s worth
it, I think as I mentioned I’m going to
talk about postpartum anxiety and
depression I say that very lightly but
it’s not a light thing I’m gonna make
videos about that but just know this my
number 3 that there are real things that
a few weeks after your baby’s born if
you’re still feeling like very
overwhelmed or depressed or anxious its
most likely not the baby blues there are
certain things that can exacerbate them
that’s the word I feel like I hear so
many words and I don’t know what I’m
talking about
there are certain things that can make
it even worse or a trigger post part
that you don’t I mean like yeah I really
explained it well it told me before
leaving the hospital about having people
over going to many places trying to do
too much and not just relaxing and
figuring out life feeding issues there
are so many things that can lead to more
postpartum anxiety so you trying to end
depression of you trying to please.
others it isn’t just hurting you like
short term in not being having the
energy to take care of your baby but it
can actually lead to like legit anyway
oh shit postpartum depression, so they’re real
things take care of your mental health
after baby is born it’s such an
important thing on a less serious note
have lots of burp cloths I talked about
this in my newborn essentials video but
make sure to just have lots of burp
cloths because there’s just everything
is everywhere at those first couple
weeks like ever
think babies are puke in there they poop
everywhere you if you’re breastfeeding
or even formula-feeding
foo is everywhere like there’s just a
lot of bodily fluids going on and burp
laws help with that the next thing I
want to talk about is something that
like I don’t quite know how to word
because I want to talk about it and I
want to be real but I don’t want to
scare anyone about it I’m not making any
sense okay.
breastfeeding is is hard it’s hard it
comes more naturally to some people than
it does to others but breastfeeding in
general takes a lot of time it takes a
lot of work and a lot of learning and I
don’t think that people stress that
enough like at all at all it’s not
convenient at times and the slightest
it’s just there’s just a lot of
components to breastfeeding and, I’ll
make a video about it and I feel like
that’s what I’m saying for every topic
it’s a learned thing and once you’ve
learn it it’s not as difficult but there
there are certain things that are hard
to it it’s so like it’s good to go into
being a mom and if you’re planning on
breastfeeding to know that it’s kind of
hard for some people because if you
think that it’s easy and you think that
it’s just an instinct thing and then all
of a sudden it’s like a lot of work or
it’s painful. or it’s causing issues then
it’s just it’s blindsides you and it’s
just another thing thrown at you when
you have a newborn baby to take care of
so don’t be afraid to get help and watch
for tongue and lip ties I’ll talk about
that in my breastfeeding video so don’t
be afraid of it but just be realistic
about it I feel like that’s a lot of
things about being a mom like don’t be
afraid of birth but be realistic about
some of the things that can happen don’t
be afraid of postpartum depression but
be realistic about some of the things,
that might cause it don’t be you get the
idea this one I want to talk about for
too long it’s just very obvious but fine
support you need support from someone
whether it’s a spouse or a mom or a
mother-in-law or other family members or
friends you need help you can’t do it
all you’re not super yummy you are
superwoman for being a mom but don’t put
it all on yourself just fine support you
can always ask me questions you can I
had a few people message me on Instagram
about questions about being a mom do not
feel afraid to ask me because I will be
as real with you as I possibly can next
one is kind of along the same lines I
guess you partner your spouse they need
to help they need to help you just
brought this little baby into the world
you did so much work your husband needs
to help you I know that different
couples have different ways of doing
things and that is fine but that baby is
just as much his as it is yours for us
it helps so much mentally for me for
Taylor to get up in the middle of the
night with me there are enough things
that I’m doing for the baby during the
day by myself and I know that this seems
kind of selfish in a way but it helps so
much mentally to know that I was not the
only one getting up in the middle of the
night he would often do a lot sometimes
he wouldn’t have to do a lot but it was
just the fact that I had a support
system even in the middle of the night
my job as a stay-at-home mom with my
baby isn’t any less than his job during
the day that is our view on it I want to
help him as much as possible so if there
is a time where I’m just feeling alright
I’ll let him sleep he would wake up you
change his diaper
Beckham’s diaper he would bring him to
me and I’d feed him and while I’m
feeding him Taylor would go back to
sleep so it was like a five-minute thing
for him to just totally support me for
those first couple months so your
partner needs to help you whether that’s
that or whether he doesn’t get up in the
middle of the night and that’s something
you decide on you just really need to
talk about it ahead of time but you just
need that support from them you talk
less about these okay get to sleep but
also make sure to hold your baby I can
talk about this point forever so I’m not
going to but I was having a lot of
issues feeding a lot of issues with just
trying to figure life out and I was
tired and so oftentimes I’d feedback
them I’d hand him to Taylor I go in
clean house I go in sleep and you
really want to try and find the best
balance I feel like that’s what
Parenthood is all about it’s funny a
balance between getting enough sleep
taking enough time for yourself if
possible but also taking in the time
with your baby it passes so quickly like
you’ll hear from every single person
that talks to you so you want to really
make sure you hold your baby and cuddle
with them because time goes so quick but
also make sure to get your sleep this
was a little more practical and quick
but when you are coming home from the
hospital and when you’re in the hospital
right after having your baby stay on top
of your meds I thought that the pain was
so normal and it is like you have pain
after having a baby but there’s no
reason why if you’re for taking meds why
you can’t take the meds and help
yourself so, I was trying to be
superwoman just just start taking it
like right away and then if you feel
great and then like maybe skip a dose
and then see where you fall just don’t
try to be superwoman because you already
are who already gave birth you’re a new
mom you are mom so you are superwoman
instantly don’t try and do everything
it’s okay to just take your meds and
just be done with it and help yourself
have freezer meals made or have some
people make some meals for you as they
are life savers get outside and just
breathe some fresh air there were a few
times where especially as a stay-at-home
mom I’ve hear on maternity leave you’re
inside all the time sometimes you just
need to breathe like you just need fresh
air and you need some Sun if it’s winter
I don’t know just try bundle up and go
stand outside I would just open the door
to my deck make sure that baby was okay
Taylor was watching them and breathe for
a while and it really just helps refresh
your mind give you some motivation and
just relax it’s just it’s crucial I
think so get outside and breathe some
fresh air.


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