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More SUPER HONEST New Mom Tips! Part 2

I’m going to try and make
as much sense as possible unless you’re
trying to figure out a solution to
something or a comfort method like
trying to figure out what works for your
baby. don’t try and understand why they’re
doing what they’re doing
there are times obviously where you need
to figure out kind of come up with a
solution but with new babies and in even
six month olds even kids in general all
the time there isn’t a why like they’re
just weird little humans that have this
totally different system thing going on
and there might not be any reason why
they’re doing what they’re doing however
so obsessed with how much how many hours
he would sleep during the day and then
the next day he’d sleep a lot more and
eat a lot less it’s very common for them
to just totally switch things up the
next day growth spurts wonder weeks so
when you’re sitting there going through
and trying to figure out why everything
is happening and why he’s doing this and
why he’s doing that by the time you
think you might have it figured out he’s
already changed in the next day it’s
just a mess again so just just go with
the flow if it’s not something that’s
harming your baby then it’s okay to just
let it be and just go with the flow take
photos take pictures of all the little
things but at the same time at the same
time when you take a picture this is how
I like to do it at least I make sure
that, I get it on frame and then I don’t
look at him most of the time I try not
to look at him through my phone I’d like
to make sure that I’m capturing the
moment on my phone but I’m seeing it in
real life because I don’t want to live
my baby’s life and live my life like
watching him through the lens I want to
enjoy this moment and enjoy the now but
I also want as a memory to look back on
but just get pictures of all the little
things for me pictures and video
obviously are very important to me they
grow so fast and you’ll hear that from
everyone and they’ll tell you enjoy the
little things and enjoy it now well
that’s one way to make sure that you are
next one has to do with pictures as well
make other people take pictures of you
but let them know ahead of time that
that’s what you want I remember
few times where I was holding Beckham
and I just hand my phone to my sister
and say take a picture and I’m so glad
that I did because there’s so many times
where moms are behind the camera and
they’re getting these pictures but I am
NOT in as many with him unless I’m
taking like a selfie and I’m capturing
so many moments and video and stuff of
him with his dad or him with his grandma
make sure that those people are taking
pictures of you as well because the kid
is gonna want pictures of him and his
mom and in the future and you are going
to as well so just make sure you make
people take pictures out of you don’t
underestimate the power of touch I just
like wrote this down the other day
because babies love touch they love you
they love your scent they love your
touch they love cuddles when I lay him
down in his crib I’ll lay him on his
belly because he that’s how he sleeps at
night now and I still leave my hand on
his back for like a few seconds it’s
just the fact that like I’m touching him
and he knows that I’m there don’t
underestimate the fact that sometimes
your baby might just want you and want
to be held by you and so try to remember
try to be aware of just how your touch
can affect them and help you the next
one is to lower your expectations and
that is just of like life outside of a
baby or what you can do with a baby or
like your days kind of like obviously
don’t lower your expectations on life
babies are amazing but lower your
expectations I’m like what you can get
done for that day don’t have a huge long
list of to do stuff because most likely
you’re only gonna get like one or two
things done and that is okay like you’re
keeping the baby alive that’s your focus
that’s your job because then you’re able
to attain them and you’re able to
complete your goals more and you just
feel more successful with your days if
you just say today I want to keep
Beckham alive and happy and fed and I’m
going to put the dishes away in the
dishwasher like when he was four months
old and he needed to be held constantly
napped on me if I got the dishes done I
was a good day my main purpose right
then was to just take care of my kid
it’s hard to find the balance like I
said lower the things that you need to
get done and then if you get all those
things done I have another thing on or
relax or something the dishes can wait
at you baby’s making it they grow up and
they leave and there still be dishes to
do but right now in this moment I’m fine
with just staying home and hanging out
with all right the next three I said
kind of run together in my last three
don’t be so hard on yourself mom guilt
is real it’s so easy to feel like you’re
not doing anything right as a mom
sometimes you feel great feel good about
what you’re doing but it’s so easy like
the world tells you that you need to be
doing this and you need to be doing that
and you’re a bad mom if you do this and
you’re a great mom if you do that so
like don’t be so hard on yourself some
moms adjust to being a mom
some women adjust to being a mom a lot
faster than other women it’s not that
they’re any better of a mom than you are
if you’re taking longer to adjust but
some personalities are just easier to
adapt to to change into new challenges
some people just take a while I took so
I still haven’t adjusted to having a
baby halfway and just because you’re
slow to adjusting doesn’t mean you’re
any worse of a mom than that other
person that looks on Instagram like she
does a million things and doesn’t mall
so it’s time to like do her makeup and
stuff I mean like just don’t be so hard
on yourself if you are keeping them baby
alive and happy and bed and you are
focusing on yourself and your mental
health there’s mom guilt that kicks in
if you’re trying to go back to work or
you’re staying home and you’re trying to
find imbalance at home every single
thing kind of content taps into this mom
guilt that you have and it’s hard not to
just feel guilty and sad and feel like
you’re a bad mom at times but you’re not
you’re not at all if you care about your
baby and you’re worried that you’re a
bad mom then you’re a good mom God
created and in
tended you to be that baby’s mom like
like you whether you’re in you adopted
this baby or you just birth this baby
God intended you to be his or her mom
and so dwell in that well in the fact
that no one on this earth is going to be
as good of a mom for that baby as you
you know it’s best for that baby
you know your baby better than anyone
else in this world you know you just you
know they come out and you just know him
I mean there’s some things you don’t
know obviously that’s why I make all
these videos because babies are so
challenging at times but a lot of the
time you can just trust your instinct
what you choose for your baby you know
the best it’s going to be what’s right
for them if it’s out of goodness and
thoughtfulness and you put time into
thinking about what you want to do then
just go with it and that’s that’s that’s
good then just let’s do it rely on your
instincts don’t doubt yourself so much
don’t be so hard on yourself you can do
it and you are the best person on this
world for that little human being along
the lines of that you’ll get advice from
everyone everyone on their mother will
tell you what it’s best for your baby
it’s fun to listen to them and stuff but
you know your baby best you can take
their advice or you can leave it but
sometimes it can everyone wants to tell
you what to do with your baby and just
be prepared for that and be prepared be
prepared for the fact that you’ll choose
what’s right alright the last one is – I
wrote this down and I changed it each
month give yourself like two months I
don’t want this point to be daunting for
any new moms that are like two days into
it or not even had their baby yet. I
don’t want it to be daunting at all but
give yourself like two months to really
even feel like your life is somewhat put
together if your isn’t it like two or
three weeks in you’re like man why have
I not gotten this figured out yet give
yourself like two months.
I personally wrote that down and then
three months realized how much easier
three months was than two months but I
really felt like we finally kind of got
in a groove around two two and a half
months he was still a baby in life was
still kind of schedules and everything
is kind of chaotic but I feel like it
kind of had like a tiny training grasp
on just what to do as a mom by around
two months I’ve got two months that
you’re not there yet then know that like
you’re still like every single day is
progress you’re you’re learning and
you’re growing but if you’re at three
days and you’re thinking this is so hard
I don’t know like how I’m going to
survive or how I’m going to even
function and figure things out you will
figure things out six months it’s also
really a good time two months to feel
like you can do other things four to six
months you have this like more
functioning little human and I’m sure at
like nine months I think it’s even
easier than six months life will get
easier I told that to a few new moms
recently in the moment sometimes
especially those that are struggling
with like postpartum depression and
stuff you don’t think that life is gonna
get easier you really truly even if
people are telling you like I am right
now I really didn’t know that life was
gonna get easier and that I really would
adjust but if you really do you learn
you life is totally different it’s
totally crazy at times but it’s just
your life now this is my life now and
it’s good and it flows and it works yeah
just know that it gets easier it really
does and those of you that haven’t had
their babies that don’t freak out and be
like oh my goodness the first like two
months is gonna be terrible learn and
that’s totally not true you might know
what you’re doing like right away but if
you don’t it’s okay so yeah those are my
new mom tips I’ve sat here and talked
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type of videos kinda struggle sometimes
to think of stuff to make but hopefully
this is helpful for you guys you you
will figure it out and you will be a
right mom know that hopefully you can
rest in that so yes hopefully this is helpful thank


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