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Phantom Pregnancy the ghost fetus

As a mother have you ever thought of giving Birth to a child?

Becoming a mother is every woman’s dream and yes being a father is ever man’s dream. Once a female part and a male party engage in sexual activities the female part y will be pregnant if the sperms and the ovaries fuse each other perfectly. Then the mother’s body will slowly prepare to bare the baby in the womb for ten months. A beautiful baby will be born to the world once they reach the ten months.

Delivery types

However, this is not a simple process there are many ways that are being practiced to deliver a baby. Some mother prefers natural delivery at the hospital or at home and some prefer cesarean surgery to deliver the baby. However, the cesarean surgery is carried out by the doctor’s recommendation when the baby is not positioned well for a natural delivery or if the baby must be delivered before the ten months timeline.   

What is a phantom pregnancy?

Once a male party and a female party engage in sexual activities there is a higher chance of female party to be pregnant. But, there are situations where pregnancy could turn out to be a whole new level with this condition known as phantom pregnancy. This condition is also known as the pseudocyesis where the expected party will experience physical conditions that are experienced by a mother who is pregnant.

what is a phantom pregnancy

Phantom pregnancy in males?

This condition is not face by females but also in a very rare case you can experience phantom pregnancy in a male. The clinical term for males getting false pregnancy is known as sympathetic pregnancy or couvade. The belly will protrude similar to an expecting mother and they will face similar medical conditions of a pregnancy. However, there is no fetus present in phantom pregnancy where they could actually turn in to a baby.

How does Phantom pregnancy occur?

Within the recent past many research have being carried out by many universities to determine what causes phantom pregnancy. However, the medical condition that causes phantom pregnancy is still unknown.  Based on the assumptions it is said that the root cause for this medical condition might be a psychological physical issue in a victim that will lead to phantom pregnancy.

If a woman is trying to get pregnant over a certain period of time but still unable to get pregnant the desire to get pregnant in her mind is able to trigger phantom pregnancy. This condition is giving the physical changes such as a protruding belly, breast enlargement and it is said that they are able to feel the moment of the unborn child. Then these conditions will lead to trigger the hormones within the body that are being secreted during pregnancy. Estrogen and Prolactin will be the hormonal secretions that will be triggered during phantom pregnancy.  

Other factors that trigger Phantom Pregnancy

Furthermore, researchers have found out that things like child abuse, relationship problems, poverty and lack of educations many be other situations that will trigger phantom pregnancy. Moreover, false pregnancy symptoms due to stress will be another cause for the illness. However, it is still an unknown factor ho conditions like phantom pregnancy will occur.

What are the phantom pregnancy symptoms?

Let’s have a look at the symptoms that are similar to real pregnancy which will cause illnesses with pregnancy like symptoms. How ever these conditions will occur similar to a mother who is expecting a baby. To test for Phantom Pregnancy pseudocyesis positive pregnancy test is carried out.

  • Protruding belly
  • Menstruation cycle will be stopped in female
  • Feel of movement of the unborn child
  • Enlargement of the breast
  • Changes that may occur in the nipples
  • Secretion of milk similar to a pregnant mother
  • Gradually gaining of weight
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

How long will the conditions last in Phantom Pregnancy?

It is really hard to determine how long will the conditions last during phantom pregnancy. It is said that it will as t for couple of years or even few months similar to pregnancy or a couple of weeks. However, the researches have shown that they are still continue their research work to determine how long these conditions will last and the root cause that trigger phantom pregnancy.

Phantom Pregnancy Test

There are many ways that doctors use to determine phantom pregnancy. The most common way is to do an ultrasonic scan to determine whether the patient is actually pregnant or not. Furthermore, there are other ways such as conducting a Pelvis examination where the doctor or the gynecologist could check for signs of pregnancy. These are the best ways to conduct phantom pregnancy positive test which are quite similar to normal pregnancy.

phantom pregnancy positive test

Phantom pregnancy Positive test/Negative

Once the ultrasonic scans are conducted if there is no baby present then it is very clear that it is due to phantom pregnancy. Furthermore, the gynecologist will experience the changes in the cervix and the enlargement of the uterus.  However, the urine pregnancy test will be negative in phantom pregnancy test. Before determining it as phantom pregnancy it is very important to rule out that this is not due to any other different medical condition.

How to treat Phantom Pregnancy?

This will be a mental break down for any woman who is expecting a baby therefore it is very important to make sure that the patient will not mentally break down once they hear the news that they are not really pregnant.

How to stop a phantom pregnancy?

It is sad to say that there is no specific treatment for phantom pregnancy. Since it is not harmful it is said that it will go away within a short time period. However, there have being cases where the condition was left for quite a long time in the patient’s body for few years. Therefore, if you are someone who is experiencing similar conditions its better to get doctors advice before you come to your own judgements.

Are you experiencing Phantom Pregnancy kicks?

Phantom kicks are of three types. It may be before pregnancy, after pregnancy or due to Phantom pregnancy. A mother will feel the phantom kicks once the fetus starts slowly growing in to a baby within 10 months’ time period. Therefore, the mother will experience once the child starts to roll from side to side inside the mother’s womb.

This is mainly due to the uterus taking time to come to its pregnancy state even after pregnancy.

Furthermore, you might experience phantom kicks after pregnancy as well. This is again due to the uterus taking time to restore it self in to the normal state after giving birth to your child.

These kicks have a connection with your mind before pregnancy or phantom kicks after pregnancy. This might affect the mother’s memory, nervous system and the muscular system long after the baby is born.

Phantom Pregnancy After Abortion

If you are some one who is undergoing an abortion or right after the abortion you might experience Phantom Pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the body was getting ready for pregnancy but suddenly it was sabotaged by artificially removing the fetus from the mother’s womb. By then the uterus will get soft and it will get ready for the pregnancy. Then the mother who underwent the abortion process will experience similar conditions to phantom pregnancy.

phantom pregnancy after abortion
phantom pregnancy after abortion

Phantom Pregnancy Stories

Based on a recent study that was carried out by a phantom pregnancy positive patient it was quite clear that she was developing stress over having a baby within the time she was expecting. However, she and her husband had tried for quite a time where she was quite depressed with the failure in having a baby of their own. With time passed by it was having a big impact in her life because she was having bad dreams and it had affected her mentality.

She was healthy to be Pregnant

She was taken to the best doctors in town but it was clear that they had to try more often to make sure that the ovaries and the sperms from the husband are fused well in order to get pregnant. There was no needed to be treated they both were perfectly when and both the ovaries and the sperms were very healthy. But they both were mentally suffering due to the fact that they both are unable fuse the sperms and the ovaries once they are engaged in sexual activities. 

However, one day she experienced a change in her body and she was having a vomitish feeling. The couple was quite happy and they both were very sure that they have done the magic and finally she is pregnant. But they didn’t know that this was a ghost fetus that was in her womb. Due to the excessive mental stress her body has adjusted to Phantom Pregnancy condition.

Once she went with her husband after one month of medical advice from the doctor to carry out a pregnancy ultra-sonic scan there was no fetus to be found in the womb. Later it was determined that it was the condition known as Phantom pregnancy.

Therefore, make sure that you are not over stressed if you are unable to be pregnant right after having sex. Take time to discuss the matter with your partner and make sure that you both understand the situation before conditions will turn in to something like phantom pregnancy.


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